Why Memes Might Be The Hottest New Asset Class

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Everyone wants to get rich, but people’s perceptions of how they can manage to get rich in the first place have changed over time. By this point you probably already know that the key to amassing wealth is to never keep your savings in cash form. Rather, you should find a way to invest this cash into a wide array of assets, and diversifying the assets that you invest in is a key element to protecting yourself from various market behaviors that you can’t predict but which can regardless make you incur a significant loss.

Part of diversifying your investments involves taking new forms of investment seriously. A major example of this can be seen with Dogecoin as well as with cryptocurrencies in general. While a lot of people might have referred to these asset classes as being downright ridiculous, people that traded in Dogecoin ended up making a lot of real world money so there was clearly a lot of value to this asset class that many were erstwhile unable to wrap their heads around. This proves that just because you don’t fully understand an asset class at present you should still be willing to give it a shot.

Perhaps the most surprising new asset class that is starting to emerge is that of memes, and Meme.com is starting to provide a platform for people that are looking to invest in them. Memes have been a very effective form of both communication and comedy in the internet age, and they have resultantly become an intrinsic part of internet culture. Many would argue that memes are a form of art unto themselves, and they certainly do bear the hallmarks of various art forms that have developed over the course of human history.

We are here to talk about ways to make money though, and the good news is that Meme.com is facilitating this by allowing you to monetize memes. You can support a particular meme and obtain Memecoin tokens that would correspond to that meme. Various memes are going to increase or decrease in value over time, and this will result in them being worth more or less Memecoins according to their relevance to internet culture as well.

A far more exciting way to invest in this new asset class is to look for the next meme that is going to trend. Memes come and go, and you never really know when a new one is going to end up taking the world by storm. Hence, if you were to find a trend that genuinely becomes relevant over time, you can submit this to the site’s regulatory body, comically called the “Meme Council”, and earn significant profits if the meme gets approved. This can legitimize memes as an art form as well by creating a situation wherein meme developers can actually start to earn money for the work they put into their creative endeavors.

One way in which the search for new and interesting memes is going to be incentivized is through the offering of Marble Cards. These are NFTs that can be your proof of discovering a certain meme, and it stands to reason that these NFTs will hold a fair amount of value. You can sell them at a later date to maximize profits or alternatively look into holding onto them since this value would most definitely appreciate rather drastically over time. This is a very intriguing use of NFTs that can further legitimize memes as an art form.

Meme.com can also serve as a useful reference point for people that are trying to study memes. Even if you don’t plan on investing in any Memecoin and don’t find any value in Marble Card NFTs, you can use this site as a centralized location wherein the popularity of the various memes that are going around can be gauged. This level of peer review and ease of use can help more people figure out what memes they can use as well, not to mention the convenience it offers to people that might be seeing a certain meme for the first time.

The thing to note here is that the creation of this website could very well result in a brand new gold rush. More and more people are going to start looking for memes since this could be the next big form of crypto that everyone might want to get their hands on. It could also result in certain memes that have more of a mass appeal stifling more niche memes, although if global markets have proven anything it’s that you should never underestimate the power of niches because they have the potential to offer relatively enormous profits to those that are thinking of taking a chance with them.

The fact that this site rewards people for finding actual trends can help democratize the process somewhat. You can’t just make a meme and start minting money, rather you would have to make a meme that truly resonates with people and obtains a fair bit of organic reach. Then and only then would the meme have any kind of value, and this can prevent pump and dump schemes from arising.

Are memes the next big asset class? The truth is that no one knows for sure, just like no one was certain about Bitcoin and Dogecoin. However, if we have learned anything from crypto it’s that a lack of certainty regarding the future of an asset class can sometimes be an indicator that it is going to shoot to the moon in terms of value, so this might just be something that a new generation of investors start to put their money into.