How ReBaked is Revolutionizing The Ownership Economy


The industrial revolution changed things in a lot of ways, but perhaps its most pertinent impact has to do with how it made workers more important by giving them more rights. The 20th century brought about a massive paradigm shift with regards to how business could be conducted, and part of this involved the creation of what is now called the ownership economy. Basically, instead of workers being wage slaves who had no stake in the profits that a company could generate, they became part owners of the company and this incentivized them to work harder since they knew that making their company more profitable would benefit them directly.

DeFi is in many ways a continuation of this trend, and it has further democratized the process by which people can invest in and own various enterprises. This has impacted how capital can be generated for startups and the likes as well. Enter reBaked, a company that benefits every participant in an enterprise from the risk takers to the workers to the people that had the initial idea that started the company.

reBaked is essentially a platform that connects knowledge workers to risk takers that might be willing to participate in their new idea, as well as a wide range of creatives who are undoubtedly crucial to the success of any company. What’s more is that the platform reduces risk for creatives and other workers by ensuring that they get paid a decent wage for their efforts. Much like any other innovation that is making waves in the modern world, reBaked makes effective use of blockchain technology to ensure security and safety for all involved parties.

There are two paths that one can take whilst securing funding through the reBaked platform. The first way would involve DAOs, essentially a board of directors that is easier to gain access to for the common man. The Initial DAO Offering can bring significant funds if the idea is sound enough, and the social nature of the platform makes it easier to connect with people that might be interested in sending some capital your way.

However, anyone that has tried to establish a startup will know that an IDO is not necessarily the first step. Product development requires funding from the get go, and it is in this matter that reBaked is providing an alternative that is truly revolutionary. Essentially, instead of waiting for the IDO in order to gain access to the funds you need, you can have what is called a pre-IDO by selling NFTs instead.

These NFTs will have their own ecosystem which means that they will not have any kind of impact on your plans regarding the eventual DAO you will run your company through. This vastly increases liquidity, basically allowing you to leverage the entire value of your company in order to acquire the assets that you need to get up and running.

The NFT tokens that are sold during a pre-IDO are facilitated through reBaked’s partnership with Genesis Shards, and this is a further sign of the solidity of the company. Generating and maintaining liquidity can be a huge obstacle for knowledge workers and can impede their ability to innovate to the greatest possible extent. DeFi connects you to risk takers who are everyday folk rather than corporate overlords who often fail to see the bigger picture. This will likely result in a far greater number of ideas being implemented and innovation will scale up accordingly as well.

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